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3ch Mixer & Stereo Recorder for DSLR Cameras Onsite video recording unit allowing the camera operator to operate the audio recorder at the same time - A detachable camera-mount on the top with position adjustments - 3 x tripod screw holes - Remote Start function using infra-red or wired connection -Compatible with off the shelf wired remote controller - Each input accepts MIC to LINE level offering Limiter and HPF - 48V Phantom power -Mic Out/Line Out - Headphone monitoring - Auto Slate Tone (1kHz / sine wave) function - WAV recording in 16bit - 44.1/48kHz or 24bit - 44.1/48/96kHz - USB connector - Powered by 4 x AA batteries or external DC (9 - 24V)

• Cable equalization and data reclocking on the incoming AES/EBU signal. • Supports audio sampling frequencies from 30kHz to 192kHz. • EQ insert switch automatically activates the cable equalization • designed for use in 110 Ohm, balanced installations • Dual 1 x 4 or 1 x 8 with SRC when the T6303A rear module installed • Status Tallies - Lock, No Lock and EQ on front edge of the card • works with dashboard remote control and monitoring software • Higher density (1 x 4 DA with SRC) possible with up to 20 cards in the openGear series frame when used with T6403A.