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Battery-powered professional quality microphone preamplifier housed in compact, light weight, yet robust aluminum chassis • Selectable mic input gain level, -20 / -30 / -45 / -60dBu • Phantom 48V power supply • HPF at 80 or 160Hz with -6dB/oct • Cascading function for stereo application with a supplied dedicated joint plate • Balanced Out (+4dBu, XLR) and Unbalanced Out (-10dBV or attenuated -50dBV, stereo mini) • Peak LED and Power LED that doubles with low battery warning • Powered by 1 x AA battery (Alc or NiMH) for 10 hours operation (approx. 4 hours with P48V on) or DC-IN (5V, Micro USB) • Power saving mode (phantom power down to 24V) to extend operation hours • Extruded aluminum chassis for light weight but robust construction • Shoe rails for various camera rigs and a tri-pod compatible screw hole • ET-C0.2, stereo mini OFC cable included for DSLR connection or cascading to another unit.

• Compact 2 RU multi-channel audio monitor • Dolby Decoder installed • Decodes Dolby E or Dolby Digital • Eight LED bar-graph meters provide visual indication of audio levels • Multi-speaker system provides clear audio monitoring • 4 AES audio inputs (110 Ohm, balanced or 75 Ohm unbalanced) • Input switcher toggles between balanced and unbalanced inputs • External reference input (75 or 110 Ohm) • Re-clocked AES copy of the PCM input signals provided (75 or 110 Ohm) • Decoded L/R, C/LFE, LS/RS and LT/RT provided when monitoring Dolby • Analog copy of the PCM input signal provided on a 25 pin D connector • Analog L/R, C/LFE, LS/RS and LT/RT provided on 25 pin D connector when monitoring Dolby • Analog output of signal feed to internal speakers provided on rear panel • Analog output may be fixed line level or follow speaker volume control • Operating modes may be field configured to suit monitoring needs • Balanced AES connections on pluggable 3 pin screw terminations • Unbalanced connections on BNC connectors • GPI and GPO controls provided on 9 pin D connector • Extracted Dolby Metadata provided on 9 pin D connector