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Audio Retriever • Replaces AR101 • Comes with a dedicated battery pack • Battery case also doubles as converter from Lightning connector to USB mini B connector to allow using iPhone 5/5S without Lightning-30Pin adapter • Improves audio quality of iPhone and DSLR camera • Both Input 1 and 2 accepts stereo Line / Mic (plug-in power), i.e. maximum 4 channels • Also works as an audio interface for PC by connecting with an off-the-shelf mini USB-USB A type cable • 2 x Plug-in power condenser microphones (off-the-shelf plug-in power type microphones can be used too • Rotary encoder and LED level meter for easy setting of various parameters including Input level of each channel, Pan, Headphone Out, etc. • Dedicated APP can be downloaded from iTune Store to control Pan, Low Cut, Limitter, Output Level • Headphone Monitor Out • Analog Out (Line-Mic selectable) to output the input or playback signal, or mixed • No battery required, being powered from connected iOS device via USB • When feeding power via micro USB, also feeds power to connected iOS device • Shoe rail to mount various Camera rigs • Includes device holder landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical) • Screw holes on horizontal and vertical sides for supplied hand grip or off-the-shelf tri-pod etc. • Inner earphones not included • Battery case feeds power only to AR101L, not to connected iPhone • Battery case cannot be used with iPhone 4/4S which uses the supplied 30pin-USB cable.

• Compact 2 RU multi-channel audio monitor • WBS demuxer installed • Eight LED bar-graph meters provide visual indication of audio levels • Multi-speaker system provides clear audio monitoring • 4 AES audio inputs (110 Ohm, balanced or 75 Ohm unbalanced) • 4 Stereo Analog inputs • Input switcher toggles between balanced and unbalanced inputs • External reference input (75 or 110 Ohm) • Re-clocked AES copy of the input signals provided (75 or 110 Ohm) • Analog copy of the input signal provided on a 25 pin D connector • Analog output of signal feed to internal speakers provided on rear panel • Analog output may be fixed line level or follow speaker volume control • Operating modes may be field configured to suit monitoring needs • Balanced AES connections on pluggable 3 pin screw terminations • Unbalanced connections on BNC connectors • GPI and GPO controls provided on 9 pin D connector • Includes SD/HD Demux module • Provides re-clocked copy of input digital video signal • Provides AES copies of the de-muxed group being monitored