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AC adapter for model DC-R302 • For indoor use.

• DolbyE/AC3 decoder with SRC • Discrete channels are extracted from Dolby encoded signals • discrete audio channels are AES signal streams • extracts the Metadata embedded in Dolby E signals • input signals may be Dolby E, Dolby AC3 or PCM. • Dolby E extracted audio - (L,R) (C,LFE) (Ls,Rs) (SAP, if present) (Lo,Ro or Lt,Rt, depending on selection) and Metadata. • AC3 extracted audio - (L,R) (C,LFE) (Ls,Rs) (Lo,Ro or Lt,Rt, depending on selection). (AC3 does not contain Metadata.) • PCM audio will provide an output on (L,R) and (Lo, Ro/Lt, Rt) as well as on the input loop all other outputs will be muted • supports audio sampling frequencies from 32kHz to 48 kHz